Have you ever wondered what the difference is between teacher and tutor? You may have not given it much thought but there is the fundamental difference between a teacher and a tutor.

The teacher only works for the academic formation of the students. Meanwhile, the tutor works for the students' improvement in different areas, not only academic but social and personal. Teachers follow predetermined guidelines for the expectations for their class and evaluate students on that basis, while tutors focus on students' individual academic needs and how to help them improve their skills in a specific subject.


A teacher will teach you the theory, concepts, etc on a subject. A teacher has to handle more than 60 students at a time so he might be didn't concentrate on a single one but his efforts are too large because it is not easy to handle a large number of students at a time. The teacher only works for the academic syllabus of the student. A teacher is someone who provides knowledge, lessons, rules, and information about academic subjects. A teacher is a person that provides tuition to a large number of students, they are required to follow a standardized curriculum focused on specific academic standards.

Responsibilities of a teacher:

  • Providing answers to students' questions

  • Grading assignments of students

  • Tracking students' records with their grades

  • Meeting with parents or other educational professionals

  • Supervising students academic progress


A tutor will help you understand the theories, concepts, lessons more deeply and gives the answer to any questions you have. The tutor basically helps a student succeed in their academics by re-teaching and reviewing the lessons at home. The tutor works for student improvement in different areas, not only academic but social and personal. A tutor is more 1-on-1. A tutor works one-on-one or in small groups to help a student to understand better. A tutor is also a teacher but he concentrates on each and every person. Tutors may work with a student in their homes, online, or at an office. Tutors' main focus on customizing an educational plan designed to meet a student's specific academic goals. They're hired to work with students who may have challenges with a certain subject or who may need extra help outside of school to achieve their academic goals. As part of their duties, they may review their students' work to determine skills or concepts they are struggling with, and then develop a strategy to help the students enhance those skills or improve their understanding of the concept. Tutors may also work with students to help them improve their studying skills. Tutors can present information in several different ways or methods to help the Students grasp concepts easily.

Responsibilities of a tutor:

  • Meeting with students and parents to discuss students' goals and needs

  • Talking to students about their study pattern

  • Assigning and evaluating student work

  • Tracking and sharing students' progress with teachers and parents

  • Helps students with study skills and techniques. If one the method does not work they will find another.

  • Tutors reinforce what has been taught in the classroom

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